A Little About Our Founder

Ali 200 245

Alisha White Madison is a dynamic Los Angeles based business professional with more than 20 years of experience working for top corporations including IBM, Chevron, Ernst & Young, and Northrop Grumman Corporation.  Alisha’s career has included time on the East Coast, the South, Northwest, Midwest, Canada and now back to her hometown of Los Angeles.

Seasoned at corporate ascension, Alisha recognizes that women are more cautious and reserved in how they network, limiting their opportunities to comfortably connect, exchange ideas, share experiences and collaborate professionally.  As a result, in 2016, Alisha founded The Bella Network, LLC®

When she is not mentoring, coaching and volunteering, Alisha loves spending quality time with her husband and dog, or curled up with a good book. Always up for a bit of adventure, Alisha is an avid Harley Davidson motorcyclist and world traveler.

My Vision

“I want women to know how to find each other beyond their sorority, company or lines of business and especially those new to the west coast.   I want engineers, scientist, business people, lawyers, technologist, artist and full-time mothers, learning from each other.  Sharing ideas, concepts, and finding ways to stop being Chief Executive of Ourselves (CEO). This is about connection & collaboration so we can work together and build synergistic businesses and companies.  

Honey Bee & Mufasa

Meet the Team

Doreen Hackey
Doreen HackeyExecutive Advisor
Giovanni Rosario Givens
Giovanni Rosario GivensController
Dawn Strozier
Dawn StrozierVice President, Public Relations
Patricia Davis
Patricia DavisDirector of Logistics
Yael Singh Humprhies
Yael Singh HumprhiesDirector of Events