Session 1: Discovering Your Life Possibilities and Purpose – Life Reimagined

Has your life turned out as you expected? Are you allowing your fears and disappointments to determine your destiny through your choices?  Does your past or preconceptions keep you from seeking guidance or cause you to live a self-fulfilling prophecy of self-doubt and disappointment?  We want to help you embrace your possibilities and fulfill your life purpose.

Session 2: They Trust Me, Don’t They?

Professional performance is built on a foundation of trust and knowing ways to overcome common trust traps.

Women are human, just like men, and on average, as loyal and as disloyal as men. Women take a bullet for those they love, stab their “friends” in the back, and have moments of loyalty and moments of disloyalty. Humans are rarely consistent.

Often women come to distrust other women as a result of confirmation bias, a form of social reinforcement, stereotypes, and myths. Even when we meet a woman who is trustworthy, we assume she’s hiding something.

By doing this we are missing out on one of the best parts of being a woman–forming trusting professional bonds with other women.  There are toxic people in the world, and trust involves risk.  But there are also terrific people, however, due to our prejudices, we may avoid professional bonds and create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Richard Lawson 2

Richard Lawson: Distinguished career as an actor and master teacher.

Session 3: Confidence – Declaration of Independence

Take your career and business into your own hands by recognizing your uniqueness, telling your stories, defining your style and creating your leadership path.  We want the world to see precisely who you are and what you can do.  This session speaks to anyone who needs to impress others or express an idea.  In it, you will learn imagination, boldness, risk-taking, and the willingness to embrace failure. Learn to master various techniques for defining your style such that you can market and distribute your product, service or career endeavors to anyone, anywhere.

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Session 4: Elevating Your Career Path Through Coaching

Learn the power and importance of coaching.  We will cover topics such as:

  • Business Execution
  • Business Politics
  • Challenges Facing Women
  • Style & Grace
  • Leaving a Legacy
  • Building Wealth
  • Who Am I as a Leader
  • Relationship Management

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Session 5: Encourage Asking for Help and Eliminate Judgement

What is stopping us from asking for help?  From talking to someone? What is stopping us, when we’re at the bottom of the bottom, and we know that we’re depressed, but we don’t feel comfortable getting professional help to save our lives, to save our business or to save our career? What is stopping us from letting people know when we need help?  Why do we have too much pride?

We are less likely to ask for and accept assistance.  When we receive the help, we don’t listen to the suggestion fully, to hear what others are saying in their answer.  We have preprogrammed our thought process to say “I’ll listen, but then I’m going to just do me.”  We have to be willing to ask, receive, and, give help without judgment.  This takes trust.  Trust in ourselves and others.

Session 6: Professional and Life Choices Align with Our Goal

We are always seeking insight into the decisions that we make in life. When we reach a fork in the road, how do we know we are making the right decisions? When all is lost, how do we trust our hearts and minds to make the right choices, should we be ruled by our passions, our talents or opportunity?  Come learn how to make better choices that align with your goals.

Session 7: Reflection – Shaping Your Past Into Future Wisdom

Reflection allows us to retain every aspect of any experience to gain knowledge. Knowing why something took place, what the impact was, whether it should happen again or not is critical to leadership.  Even the seemingly mundane occurrences can become great sources of ideas, provide fuel for personal and professional growth, as well as facilitate the development of new skills.  The easiest form of reflection is journaling. Through writing, we sort out and make sense of what is noodling around in our heads. It is especially crucial for entrepreneurs to take time daily to think about how to improve their business for the next day, next quarter, and next year.

Through journaling and reflection you can come close to knowing:

  • Your unique gifts, products or services, how you used them or not?
  • How you manage your time, where your efficiencies are or aren’t?
  • How you relate to others and if people are comfortable with your style or preferences?
  • How you assign work, what you expect from others, how do you complete a task?
  • Your behavior preferences (expression, assertions, and flexibility) and energy levels.  What makes you gain or lose energy?
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