Imagine yourself surrounded by professional women just like you.

Women entrepreneurs, corporate and business professionals… many have already been where you are now…some are still climbing the ladder to success…some are wanting to transition to a new ladder…some are ready to jump off the ladder but wanting to find others to sponsor, mentor or coach.

What if you found an opportunity to come together with like-minded women to focus on you, your goals, your business, your success, finding strategic business alliances, or elevating your career?

What if this was the goal of a 3-day conference, at a stunning waterfront resort? Would it be worth your time to step back from your busy schedule…your mommy or honey do’s? Don’t you long for some time to exhale…to reinvigorate your senses and to connect with other women?

Wouldn’t it be great to spend some time focused on building professional relationship currency … finding opportunities for collaboration and joint ventures…. building strategic alliances and sparking a movement of women supporting, inspiring, encouraging, enlightening and uplifting each other?

2016 Session Topics

As a “Bella“, networking isn’t just professional chatter for a few hours.  We build relationships that enrich our professional lives.  We know that performance isn’t enough. We need people that trust us, believe in our judgment and know our professional value proposition. Join Us as we build professional relationship currency that comes when you:

  • Spend time getting to know people
  • Share ideas with people
  • Work with people on tasks or projects
  • Socialize with people beyond “professional chatter”

That’s what we’re going to do! Invest 3 days spending quality time in activities that build and earn us professional relationship currency.  We are creating a TRIBE of Successful Women, who have each other’s back.

Can’t wait to meet you at our Conference in 2017!.